Two Social Sciences Faculty Members Honoured by the Hong Kong Academy of the Humanities

The Hong Kong Academy of the Humanities is a newly established Academy to draw together for the first time Hong Kong’s leading humanities scholars to form a strong united voice on behalf of the humanities. After years of planning, months of nomination and selection, a total of 39 Foundation Fellows were finally elected, representing all humanities disciplines such as history, philosophy, literature, languages, linguistics, music, fine arts, Chinese, English, cultural studies and translation. The election of fellows aims at recognising excellence in humanities scholarship and research in Hong Kong. A Fellowship of the Academy is a sign of recognition from one’s peers of high achievement.

Among the 39 elected Foundation Fellows, 10 are from HKU, 8 are from CUHK, 6 are from HKBU, 5 are from LU, 4 are from CityU, 3 are from PolyU, and there is 1 each from HKUST, OUHK and HKIEd. Those from HKBU include Prof. Martha Cheung, Prof. Kwok-ching Chow, Prof. Ling Chung, and Prof. Lauren Pfister of the Faculty of Arts, as well as Prof. Clara Wing-chung Ho and Prof. Victor Sit of the Faculty of Social Sciences.

The elected Foundation Fellows attended the inaugural meeting of the Academy on 18 April 2011, held at the Senate Room of the University of Hong Kong. During the meeting the first Executive was elected, consisting 10 Foundation Fellows, including 2 from HKU, 2 from CUHK, 2 from HKBU, and one each from CityU, LU, PolyU, and HKIEd. The two elected HKBU members are Prof. Clara Ho, serving as Treasurer and Prof. Martha Cheung, serving as Executive Member.

“This is an excellent development for our Faculty, and we are proud that the sustained contributions of two of our members have been honoured by the creation of the new Academy,” said Prof. Adrian Bailey, Dean of Social Sciences Faculty. He also remarked on “the contribution of staff based in the ‘social sciences’ at HKBU make to the Humanities,” as well as “the opportunity for further transdisciplinary work, between social scientists and humanities, scientists and social scientists, and so forth.”

Congratulations to all the elected Foundation Fellows at HKBU.