Louie, Kam


Louie, Kam, FAHA


Kam Louie was Dean of Faculty of Arts at The University of Hong Kong (November 2004 - December 2013). He is now Honorary Professor in the School of Chinese at HKU and the School of Humanities and Languages at UNSW.

Before joining HKU, Kam Louie was Professor of Chinese Studies at Queensland University and Australian National University. He has also taught at Nanjing, Murdoch and Auckland Universities. He studied at Sydney University, Peking University and CUHK. He is a Fellow of the Australian Humanities Academy and was a member of the Australia-China Council. He has over 10 books under his name and was chief editor of Asian Studies Review for 9 years as well as serving on editorial boards of several scholarly journals.

His sole authored publications include: Theorising Chinese Masculinity (Cambridge UP 2002); Inheriting Tradition: Interpretations of the Classical Philosophers in Communist China (Oxford UP 1986) and Critiques of Confucius in Contemporary China (Chinese University Press 1980). He also has a number of edited volumes such as Cambridge Companion to Modern Chinese Culture (Cambridge UP 2009); Hong Kong Culture: Word and Image (HKUP 2010); Eileen Chang: Romancing Languages, Cultures and Genres (HKUP 2012) and a number of co-authored books including The Literature of China in the Twentieth Century (Columbia UP, 1997) and The Politics of Chinese Language and Culture (Routledge, 1998).